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The Department of Youth and Sports will be hosting a poetry writing workshop on the 26th of March 2015 at the St.Pauls Anglican Church Hall from 8:30am to 3:30pm. Come on out and all you poetry lovers, singers songwriters and learn from our own home grown talent pool of poets as they instruct us on different styles and means of poetry writing.

Youth In The Arts Competition 

The Department of Youth & Sports is pleased to announce the celebration of our upcoming Youth Month in April, under the theme, “Youth Arts Expression: Let your minds flow and your talents show!”

This year we will be focusing on the Arts as an alternative to antisocial behavior and also as a potential career path for young people. The Arts come in different forms including culinary arts, graphic/visual arts and performing arts. For this Youth Month, we are taking the opportunity to engage our young people to be more involved in the Arts, gain more knowledge about the Arts and to be creative. With this in mind, one of the activities on the calendar is a competition entitled “Youth in the Arts.”

This competition targets all the school aged children on the island. It consists of two (2) sections, primary level and secondary level. The secondary school section of this competition entitled “Xpress the Arts”, seeks to engage our young people in the secondary schools to participate in a performing arts production to spread a positive message to their peers and society in the areas of dance, drama and song. While the primary school section, entitled “Portray/Xpose the Arts”, students will participate in graphic arts, where they express what art means to them through a 3D drawing. 

"In today’s dynamic society, the success of an individual depends not only on their academic qualifications and training, but also on them possessing a winning attitude." Said Ms. Camara C. Lee, a native of Nevis who lives and works in Barbados. Ms. Lee was here on vacation when she decided to give back to her island by hosting a workshop dubbed "Roadmap to Sucess"