Keep Empowering Youth with Skills (KEYS) – Computer Training Skills 


The KEYS project is geared at equipping young people in Nevis with the skills necessary to 

prepare them for the workplace and for life. 


There are several issues which have been identified as problems which youth face. Among these issues are youth unemployment and deficiencies in soft and hard skills. The project will have several components including computer skills training, leadership skills, and empowerment for personal and professional development. Several employers have contacted the Department of Youth and Sports, Nevis with the concern that although the youth learn general computer skills at school, the lack the skills necessary to function at a professional level. 

This proposal focuses on Computer Skills Training. It addresses the need for youth who are better equipped with the computer skills necessary to work in an office, produce basic items using graphic design, and also prepare for presentations. This targets youth ages 14-35. 




The project objectives are: 


1. To prepare youth for using computers in the workplace and for personal development. 

2. To equip youth with computer skills that can make them self-sufficient. 

3. To empower youth with computer skills that will make them globally competitive. 

Project Description 


KEYS (Computer Skills Training), is an on-going project which will have several elements. 


Basic Microsoft Office Skills Training 


This component of KEYS (Computer Skills Training) targets all youth. The young people will learn the elements of Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and powerpoint. The focus of the programme will be using these skills to enhance the youths’ professional portfolio. 


Advanced Microsoft Office Skills Training 


The youth will have the option of engaging in Microsoft Office Skills training with the aim of taking the Microsoft Office examination and becoming Microsoft certified. 


Teen Boot Camp 


The teen boot camp will focus on youth ages 13-19. This will be a 2 weeks program with a total capacity of 50 teens (25 per week) and would focus a lot on the beginner stages of these programs to excite them about the possibilities of graphic design. Their courses would be structured where they have the theoretical aspect (literature) in the mornings while practical work in the afternoon. At the end of their tenure they would participate in a longer project where they have to use their new found skills to promote or even create a new product. This boot camp is aimed at not only engaging the teens but to opening their eyes to the possibility of becoming technology entrepreneurs. 


Other Computer Skills Services 


The youth will also have the opportunity to embark on certain tasks with the assistance of youth officer to complete certain tasks including: 


1. Completion of resumés and cover letters, 

2. Creation of PowerPoints for Presentations, 

3. Basic graphic design and website creation, 

4. Assistance with completing online applications (job, college, scholarships etc.) and 

5. Any other assistance needed. 




Each workshop and course will have an evaluation activity in the form of a test. The participants will be awarded with certificates of completion. The individual session will have a mini assessment attached to it. 

The participants will also complete a programme or course evaluation form at the end of the 

workshops and courses. This will assist the department and facilitators with implementing any 

measures needed to improve the course. 


Sustainability Plan 

The programme or project will not have an end. We hope to engage participants to return as volunteers to work with new participants. The staff at the Department of Youth and Sports will be continuously trained as to eliminate the issue of external facilitators and the possibility of schedule conflicts. The equipment will be monitored and maintained on a regular basis and will be available to the youth.