Grassroots football (ages 6-12).

The department runs a grassroots program which is built on the FIFA grassroots philosophy. With assistance from the SKNFA in training coaches and providing equipment, we have been able to build a strong grassroots program in the last two years. The program continues to grow and will be expanded to include more communities across Nevis.

Primary School All-star Team.

The Department of Youth & Sports works very closely with the Department of Education to run the Nevis Primary School league. At the end of every competition an all-star team is selected and placed into a program which prepares them for the U13 National Team. This program has produced outstanding players such as Dejal Myers, Ishun Smithen, Jaheem Phillip and Amani Williams.

National Youth Teams (U13-U20).

All Nevis National youth football teams fall under the purview of the Department of Youth & Sports. The best young players across Nevis are placed, based on age, in a well-structured developmental pathway from U13 level to U20 level. The National Youth football program focuses on developing players technical and tactical abilities. In addition to the on the field aspects, there are personal development sessions for the players that are geared towards assisting them with academicss, socializing skills and community service involvement.

U23 Elite Program.

Our Elite football program is designed for the players that have ambition of going to University and/or entering the professional ranks. The program is a comprehensive one that ability of the players as well as elevating their conditions to a level comparable to the best players across the region. As part of the program a series of friendly and showcase matches are organized to enable players to perform for scouts and coaches.

Female Football Development (FFD).

More and more females are getting involved in the game of football. The Department of Youth & Sports is the only institution in Nevis that does football for females. Some 35 girls of different abilities are enrolled in the program, and they are mainly from Charlestown Secondary and Gingerland Secondary School. The program has produced 3 members of the St. Kitts-Nevis Senior Women’s Team, two of who are now coaching the younger group (Kazel Williams and  Kerisha Powell).