Summer Job Attachment Programme

The Summer Job Attachment Program is an initiative of the Department of Youth and Sports in the Nevis Island Administration. The program offers school    leavers (4th- 6th forms) the opportunity to experience the world of work through a five week internship. This year’s job attachment program extends over a five week period.

Interns with limited or no employment experience are introduced to a variety of care.r opportunities where they develop practical work skills,  professional ethics and learn more about seeking and retaining employment. The internship allows participants to benefit from a professional mentorship experience that will significantly shape their work values and prepare them for adapting high standards when they become full time employees.

In order to provide relevant and worthwhile opportunities for participants, the widest range of   possible career fields are targeted. These include:  Hospitality,  Customer Services, Health Services, Trades Skills (carpentry, masonry, etc.), Private and Public sector.

As the program’s main emphasis is on training and acquisition of skills, employers are under NO OBLIGATION to retain interns at the end of the internship but may do so at their discretion.

As part of their training, the intern will be engaged in a Job Training Workshop to assist in developing their work skills. This workshop will take place prior to placement.


Intern Requirements.

Interns are required to:

Þ Report to work punctually and regularly.

Þ Communicate and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Þ Follow instructions and directives given by supervisors.

Þ Dress appropriately.

Þ Equip themselves with any necessary protective gear.

Þ Provide a Social Security number and a bank account information to the employer and the Department of Youth and Sports.

Þ Give a written and oral evaluation at the end of the program.

Þ Present a detailed CV at the end of the program.


Employer Requirements.

Employers are required to:

¨ Indicate clearly the position(s) being offered.

¨ Provide adequate supervision for each intern.

¨ Employ interns for the duration of the program.

¨ Provide regular updates and complete an evaluation on each intern.

¨ Report on any instance of inappropriate behaviors to the department.

¨ Take disciplinary actions when necessary.

¨ Disciplinary actions may include: warnings (spoken/written), payroll deductions, suspension or dismissal (after communicating with the department supervisor).

¨ Provide adequate work for each intern.

¨ Remunerate interns on a weekly basis of no less than EC$100.00 to be deposited into the interns’ bank account.


The staff at the Department of Youth and Sports will:

* Set and communicate guidelines for Summer Job attachment program to the employers and interns.

* Provide training to interns prior to placement.

* Conduct the interview and placement processes.

* Evaluate interns during the program period.

* Communicate with supervisors in various businesses to ensure that interns derive maximum benefit from the experience.

* Provide the interns with a stipend of $100 weekly (to be deposited to the intern’s bank account).

* Provide support for interns during the program period.